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Requested by letterstoloveby

1. I am an obsessive list-maker and note-jotter. I have piles of notes and sticky-backed Post-Its crammed into my purse, planner, and drawers. 

2. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was 7.

3. Somehow my cursive is beautiful when written with my right hand, despite never having learned to write with that hand.  

4. I thrive on music. Without it, I can’t focus.

5. I create a notebook for every project I work on, then put only four notebooks in my purse at a time. I only select the projects I’m most inspired by in those moments right before I leave for work. 

Finally, I managed to make up a batch of these envelope studs! They can be found here as they are now for sale on Etsy.

I will be adding more postage to the stationery kits soon, so please be patient while I wait for my shipment to arrive. I’m not thrilled by the increase in postage costs, but I understand it is necessary, so I’ll be adding three-cent stamps to each kit for up to date postage! Also, expect new photos of these kits.

Lastly, I’m placing an order for pin-back buttons. These will be up within a few weeks.

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Outgoing mail to Xan, Amy, Kerry, Jacquelyne, and Mary! 

Incoming mail from the past few weeks. Jacquelyne, Allison, Lisa, Moira, Kelly, Mia, Brittany, Mary, and Rebecca, you are all so creative! Thank you for the lovely letters! I adore them. =)

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I’ve finally caught on to Instagram, but I’m having some issues posting my pictures from the application to this Tumblr account. So for now, expect some delays in photos as I’ll be finding ways to take the posted photos and moving them here. This stack of letters is outgoing mail to Aubrey, Soh Won, Jacquelyne, Queeny, Melissa, and Rebecca! 

I’m sorry to say that, for now, I will be replacing the Project: Mail Love campaign with a paid alternative that you can find here in my Etsy shop. I’m working on budgeting so that I can hopefully bring back the original free option, but in the meantime, any support you can give will be greatly appreciated!

Hi lovelies! So after a bit of a hiccup with Storenvy, I decided to move the shop to Etsy. I’m much more familiar with Etsy as I have another shop on there, and it provides an easier, safer transaction for consumers. Obviously, that’s the most important aspect. So please take a look and spread the word! Thanks so much! =)


Have I ever mentioned my love of Amazon.com? I have found many items to fill my crafting-obsessive hands, and this past week, I gathered the courage (and funds) to search for watercolor paints. I don’t really know how to paint, and my only drawing skills are mediocre at best with charcoal. I’ve wanted to paint with watercolors for many months, but the fear of being awful kept me away from any investments. With a little encouragement from you lovely friends, I finally purchased a watercolor palette and Moleskine watercolor journal. I plan to find some tutorials on YouTube so I can learn techniques, but other than that, I have many ideas for stationery and postcards. This should be quite the experience! Any recommendations or links to resources, tutorials, and examples would be much appreciated.  


I have three outgoing letters I’ll send tomorrow. Two are for the Project: Mail Love campaign, and the last is regular correspondence. I’m excited to see what I’ll find in my mailbox tomorrow!


I was in Target searching for secret santa gifts for my co-worker when I stumbled across these eco-friendly cards in airmail colors. I knew they’d be perfect for me to write in and send out for my Project: Mail Love campaign. Speaking of, do I have any more takers? The link to the form can be found here. I’m all caught up as of now and I want to make some more smiles!

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Two more Mail Love campaign letters going out Monday. I really like the one on the right with the speech bubble address label and all the washi tape!


Some outgoing mail for Soh Won, as well as two letters requested through my Mail Love campaign.


This holiday season will be my first with my boyfriend, so I decided to do something special. Because his family celebrates Christmas Eve, I gathered 24 presents, enough for him to open one each day of December until Christmas Eve, when he will get his big gift. I’m excited because I found two sets of wrapping paper that were somewhat snail mail related. The first is a postcard pattern with printed cursive and stamps. The other is a vintage looking world map with shimmery golds and crimsons. They appealed to him when I first got them, so I’m glad I can finally put them to good use! As you can see in the pictures, we decorated our artificial tree, but our kitty, Spot, is quite protective of the tree topper, so naturally we didn’t put that up. Isn’t she so beautiful? She’s kind of the inspiration for our decor. The neutral colors with pops of black and green. 

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Incoming mail from Mary and Mia. Plus, a peek at my date stamp. I bought it from the SmashBook line of products. It comes in handy all the time! It is really easy to use, too, so I almost always find a reason to do so, except in my notebooks for whatever reason. Hm.